2018 Honda Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle Revealed



The 2018 edition of Honda’s legendary top-comfort tourer brings the Gold Wing into the digital age with new functions that will particularly please iPhone users. Apple’s CarPlay technology now comes as standard, as well as the SmartKey keyless ignition system and Bluetooth connectivity.

On the market since 1975, the Honda Gold Wing remains an icon of its genre all over the world. For this GL1800 Gold Wing 2018 edition, the Japanese manufacturer has trimmed down the bike, losing more than 48kg depending on the model. The contours have also been revisited for a more compact design.

Rider comfort is synonymous with a slew of functions to improve the on-road experience. For example, the bike’s windscreen can be electronically height-adjusted and tilted for better wind protection in adverse conditions. A cruise control mode and a new throttle-by-wire system help keep the pace leisurely, especially when sticking to speed limits. The fly-by-wire throttle also brings four riding modes: Tour, Sport, Econ and Rain.
As for the engine, the Japanese brand has overhauled its six-cylinder powerhouse, making it lighter and more compact while theoretically maintaining its characteristic power. The engine is also placed further forward on the chassis, making more space for the rider. Seen on some of its other bikes, including the Forza scooter, Honda has added an “Idling Stop” system to the GL1800 Gold Wing 2018, cutting the engine when the bike stops for more than three seconds to help save fuel and protect the environment.

The somewhat voluminous Gold Wing also has Hill Start Assist (HSA), a function more frequently found in latest-generation cars, for a helping hand on inclines.

Plus, for maximum maneuverability, the 2018 edition has a “Walking Mode” to crawl the bike forward at a speed of 1.8 km/h and backward at a speed of 1.2 km/h, which is ideal for reverse parking, for example.

Available from April 2018, the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing 2018 comes in Standard and Tour versions. Standard models (Gold Wing and Gold Wing DCT) include saddlebags whereas Tour models (Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour DCT, Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag) comes with saddlebags and top case.

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