A half hour jog for ONE hot cross bun and 15 minutes of burpees for a Creme Egg: The amount of exercise it takes to burn off Easter treats revealed

easter calories graphic

Easter is a time to indulge in hot cross buns and plenty of chocolate guilt-free.

But now new graphics reveal how much exercise it requires to burn off the most beloved seasonal treats – and it’s probably a lot more than you might think.

The graphics reveal that it requires 15 minutes to burn off the 171 calories in a Creme Egg and a 30 minute jog to work off the 280 calories in a hot cross bun.

Though the information should not deter anyone from eating what they like over the Easter weekend, the research by fitness companies proves once again that sadly it takes a lot more work to burn off calories than it does to consume them.
A Lindt chocolate bunny contains the same number of calories you burn off in two spin classes, while one 445 calorie bag of Mini Eggs would be burned off after an hour-long kettlebell class, according to nutritionist Jennifer Blow, who works for protein supplement company My Protein.

One 30 minute hot yoga class will burn off the same number of calories in a Malteaster bunny, the graphics revealed.

Meanwhile a medium chocolate Easter egg containing 970 calories would take two hours and three minutes of push ups to burn off.

The graphics could be useful if you want to plan an Easter-themed fitness regime or to be mindful of your chocolate consumption over the long weekend.

Another infographic by gym company Fitness First also reveals how much exercise will burn off Easter favourites.

They say you can burn off the 780 calories in a roast lamb dinner by running for an hour on the treadmill.

Meanwhile just five minutes on the assault bike will work off the 200 calories in an average hot cross bun, and one weights class would burn off 300 calories – the equivalent of one slice of simnel cake.

Twenty minutes of boxing would be enough to work off the 144 calories in healthy hard boiled eggs too, the graphic suggests, and one HIIT class would burn off 350 calories – the equivalent of two Easter nest cakes.


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