All Roads Lead to Rome – All Roads Lead to Lupa


The popular Italian style restaurant franchise, Lupa, opened at the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito last week. Life & Style was the pre – launch media evening to check it out and to give you an advance review of what you can expect.

If your experience is anything like ours, you are going to love Lupa at the Lifestyle Centre. Here they make fresh pasta – seriously – it’s literally made right there on the premises for all to see…and it’s super! Of course, their beautiful wood fired pizza oven almost overflows with authentic Italian style cuisine also freshly created on the premises too.

The menu is comprehensive but not overcrowded and reasonably priced – it’s not a budget restaurant but we think it will quickly become top choice for those who love good food with Italian flair and flavour.

For dessert lovers, the orange infused crepes drizzled with a liberal helping of quality melted chocolate are sensational …but everything that we ordered last night was a delight. We loved it and we know that you will too.

Lupa is now open to the public…are you there yet?


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