An Easter Message


Flick Holmes – Ashton College


Faith-based schools embrace a holistic approach to education by involving the mind, heart and soul. They also spend a significant amount of time nurturing a culture of accountability and dedication, striving to put student service at the centre of their teaching. Faith-based learning fosters an environment where students learn the wisdom and knowledge of God and His creation, and develop a spiritual grounding which we trust will lead them through life.

At Ashton, our firm conviction is that every child is made in the image and likeness of God, with an innate potential to learn. We also believe that with privilege, comes great responsibility and so the heart of the College follows Jesus’ example of being a servant. At the end of a busy academic term, it is with such joy that we celebrate the very essence of our faith – the Easter Story. We are reminded afresh of Matthew’s gospel where in Chapter 28 we read, ‘the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’

Integral to ‘serving’ on our school campus is the student leadership model we follow and the many ways in which our staff and parents encourage a heart of generosity in our students, embrace the social responsibility vision of the school, and in so doing, help us to develop in our children, ways for them to lead significant lives. As did many of the schools in our community, we have just responded to SAPS’ Captain Vinny Pillay call to donate Easter eggs to the poor and vulnerable in our area – a relatively easy deed but one which reminds children of their enormous potential to give with a happy heart.


We begin the new term in April by honouring the staff who serve in the Grace Wing, a centre on our campus for children on the autism spectrum. April is the month where across the world, organisations involved with autism, shine a light on the challenges, frustrations, miracles and heartbreak families with a child or children on the spectrum, witness and face on a daily basis. As part of our awareness campaign for autism, we will be joining another world-wide initiative and Ashton will ‘Light it up Blue’ for the balance of the month. Look out for our lights!

I read a lovely blog which really best describes a school with a strong Christian character, as being called to: ‘Reach out and serve others, be the hands and feet of Jesus, as this is one of the greatest callings we have in our faith. Not only does it show the love of Christ for the world, it’s also an opportunity for us to worship our ever-giving God and for us to grow more into the likeness of his Son.’

May we never tire in our efforts as we applaud all those who look to serve their fellow man and teach children to have generous hearts.

Flick Holmes

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