Art in Our Homes

Humans are evolving beings. As we live, experiences flow and build up to make us what and who we are at any given time. The harmonious arrangement of objects in a home or office bring together the details that becomes an extension of the personalities of the people who live in that space.

Art, be it ceramic, paint, sculpture or any other form, provides a flowing sense of where this evolution of the self is. Art choices in a home are highly personal, possibly more so than furniture. This is why artworks, in whichever form speaks to you, should be the very first items on the list when decorating a room. The selection of specific art, as with the lighting to best showcase it, is really the most important feature in our homes.

Lily pond by painter Frances Schandera Duarte Detail of hanging bronze by Marke Meyer entitled Finding My FeetYour choice of art in your home should best speak to who you are. It is for this reason that it is best to have a professional to take these steps with you. Often, the art needed for a space has not been even been created yet! At Imbizo we can commission specific works from an expansive stable of top South African artists that would bring your unique brand to make the house your home.

Original artworks resonate with us, as the originality of the work ties up with our own individuality and uniqueness. The uniqueness of a piece provides that once in a lifetime experience which increases the value of the piece, be it monetary or emotionally. Original art provides the unique lens through which we make sense of the world.

In making sense of the world there is a very intimate and personal reflection. This is why, at Imbizo Gallery, we believe that “art is an expression of ourselves.”





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