Ashton Celebrates Culture With a Production of Aladdin

Our slogan Uniquely Different covers various aspects of school life.  We celebrate that every child has a different talent, and we continually strive for excellence.  Excellence on the sports field, excellence in academics and excellence on the cultural front.  This term our highlight is the Senior College Production of Aladdin.

A dream for our Head of Music Mrs Tara Blake was to have the opportunity to direct a musical.  She worked alongside the dynamic, talented teachers who make up the Aladdin team, Mrs M Grath, Mrs Logan and Mrs Roberts, as well as the fabulous cast, and for Tara this has been a real privilege.

On the surface, the story of Aladdin is about falling in love, magical genies and evil sorcerers, but look a little deeper and one finds a young man who, not quite yet living up to his full potential, learns in the end that finding your true identity is what really counts. The challenge to our students at the end of 2017 from Mrs van Buuren, Senior College Head, was to be different, be unique and every cast member has found their own spot in the limelight by daring to be different.

The lesson this cast and group of teachers have all taken away from this nine month process has been, as Aladdin discovered, that we are stronger than we think we are! We trust that every person involved in this production, from the actors, to those perfecting choreography, to our incredible musicians arranging and playing music, to the creators of our costumes, props and set, have all discovered their own inner strength along the way.

“The best surprise of all, however, has been experiencing how much the Ashton family is willing to give. The final outcome is a result of so many helping hands of our special Ashton family, as well as Mrs Jenny van Buuren, Senior College Head,  for her guidance and enthusiasm throughout the process,” said Mrs Blake.

Do not miss the opportunity to watch this production in our Grace Hall – you will enjoy the performance and hope that you too, experience the Ashton spirit, said best in the words of the Genie: “It’s what’s inside that counts”.  Performances on Wednesday 9 May, Thursday 10 May and Friday 11 May.  Tickets enquiries: Ashton Marketing on 032 946 2096 r email


Pic Caption

Back left to right : Courtney Toweel, Noli Dlamini, Courtney Koopmans, Zara Sewraj, Francesca Missio

Front Tatum Toweel, Kate Biebuyck,  Sisanda Majola, Savannah Garz

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