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Joe Erasmus

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By the time you read this article-Rage 2017 would have come and gone. Matriculants who descended to the coast would have celebrated 12 years of schooling and for most of them, Rage will be remembered for all the right reasons, a celebration.

It is now a waiting game which will define and determine their futures. Will it be tertiary education? Entrepreneurship? Or for some, a gap year?

2017 has flown by and as we approach the end, we can certainly reflect on what has been a wonderfully successful year.   From our Turtles (ages 2-3) through to our matriculants one of the themes that we have adopted for 2018 is that we strive for Ashton International College to be “uniquely different”.   Many will agree that this philosophy has certainly rung true throughout 2017. We recognize that each student is unique and their needs have been catered for to the best of our ability.

This year, we had the pleasure of opening both out Intersen and Foundation Phase Blocks. We have successfully implemented the Reggio Emilia approach (student centered) throughout these phases. We have also added the services of occupational and speech therapists to assist the students as part of our College offering.   Our Grace Wing, that specialises in catering for students on the autism spectrum, has grown in leaps and bounds and we have successfully integrated some of these  students into main stream.

Another highlight has been the laying of our much awaited “Rhinoturf”.  We have been awarded a certificate of recognition, and this FIH (Federation of International Hockey) approval status affords us global acceptance and this opens the opportunity for hosting international events in the future.

Further to the above and probably one of the most significant points that I would like to share, is the fantastic growth of numbers in terms of our students, and of course, the tremendous growth of our Christian Ethos. Along with this growth, Ashton has also become competitive in all codes of sport – from our juniors all the way through to our open teams.

From a cultural perspective, we celebrate the arts and culture, and in particular, I’d like to highlight the exceptional production of “Annie” as well as the formation of our junior string ensemble.

On the Academic front, Ashton will always be uniquely different in that we offer both the IEB and Cambridge Curricula, thus offering Two Worlds in One.

To maintain our level of excellence and due to our incredible growth, the Junior College will be divided into four grade specific phases, each individually headed by their own Principals who have extensive knowledge and years of experience in their respective fields.

We look forward to a happy and healthy 2018!

The staff and management of Ashton International College wish all our families, fellow colleagues and the greater Ballito community a blessed Christmas, happy holidays, and a prosperous New Year.

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