Be Prepared – Learn How to Save a Life

Be Prepared

Steve Honeysett


“Everyone a Swimmer, Every Swimmer a Lifesaver”, was a slogan that was once used to encourage people to do a course in lifesaving with the intention to be able to save a life if the need arose.

If you can swim, then, with a bit of training, you can become a lifesaver and ultimately save a life which is one of life’s greatest achievements.

Take it a step further and the same can be applied in the home where a number of incidents can occur and with that, the first aid course that you did it can be a lifesaving asset.

Today there are so many courses on offer but a simple first aid course can make the difference.

Having been in the business of saving lives for over 50 years, I have seen my fair share of tragedies which could have been averted had one of the people on the scene had prior first aid knowledge.

It is what you can do while you wait for the professional emergency personnel to arrive that can make a critical difference.

Have you ever thought that someday you could be called on to assist someone in distress, either in need of minor first aid treatment, or a major medical emergency?  Well, it’s one of life’s realities and is always just around the corner.

There can be no worse feeling than being helpless in a situation where someone needs immediate help – and how many times I have heard someone say “I should have done that course…”

Enrol in that first aid course now, and in doing so, you will have the confidence to be able to deal with all kinds of situations, whether at home or out on the road. You can make the difference.

Medical Rescue Services , First Aid Associations as well as Lifesaving Clubs all offer  courses – so go out and do one today and be prepared for tomorrow .



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