Breakfast desserts are a thing and you definitely need to get on board

There are some exciting sweet treat trends that are making waves in the world of good food… with one of them being cake for breakfast. Essentially – nibbling on something sweet with the constituents still leaning on the healthy side of the scale (well, some of them anyway!). Think sugar substitutes, gluten-free flour and antioxidant-rich raw cacao. These sorts of ingredients are manipulated in such way that the result is a delicious morsel not too far from the taste of your favourite dessert. Winning? Yes, we think so!

Take a look at some of the breakfast desserts we’ve discovered.

1 Blueberry, muesli and yoghurt parfait

Breakfast Deserts

2 Pumpkin pie waffles with orange and brandy syrup

3 Chocolate yoghurt breakfast toasts

4 Baked apples with pecan crumble and frozen yoghurt

5 Blueberry and rose panna cotta

Breakfast deserts (5)

6 Chocolate and cinnamon chia puddings

 Breakfast deserts (4)

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