Bumbu Bali & Chicken Meatballs

Bumbu Bali Sauce



Don’t be intimidated by the length of the recipe or ingredient list! A blender will be your best friend here. Get stuck in and get ready to enjoy the delicious exotic flavours.



Ingredients to blend –

75g Fresh Turmeric

75g Fresh Ginger

20g Lemongrass

200g Red Onions

100g Crushed Garlic

1T Coconut Oil

30g palm sugar

25g tamarind

1 ½ T Coriander Seeds (toasted)

½ bunch Fresh Coriander


These ingredients are added after the above have been blended into a paste

¼ C Coconut Oil to fry off the paste

15g Dried Galangal (soaked in boiling water – just enough to cover it)

250ml Chicken Stock

1 ½ tins Coconut Milk

8 keffir Lime Leaves


  1. In a blender, blitz the turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, red onion, crushed garlic, coconut oil, palm sugar, tamarind, toasted coriander seeds and fresh coriander until nice and smooth, if you’re struggling to blend these ingredients add ¼ to ½ C of the hot water that the galangal is soaking in to loosen it up.


  1. Get a pot on the stovetop at a medium heat, pour in the ¼ C coconut oil and then add your paste. You want to fry off any bitterness in the paste here, so let it bubble away and cook off for about 15 minutes. Don’t let it start burning or catching at the bottom of the pot.


  1. Your kitchen will be smelling so darn fragrant and delicious at this point! Now add the Chicken stock, strained soaked galangal, coconut milk and kefir lime leaves, and let it bubble away on a medium to low heat reducing for a further 30 minutes while you make the meatballs…Alternatively add ready made chicken meatballs or steamed veg, and enjoy!


Chicken Meatballs:

12 skinless boneless chicken thighs

1 T Crushed Garlic

30 g Fresh Baby Spinach

½ bunch Coriander or 30g parsley

½ a red onion

1L Chicken Stock

1 C Bumbu Bali sauce


  1. Get a pot with 1L Chicken stock and 1 C Bumbu Bali sauce onto the stove at a medium heat to start boiling while you make the meatballs. We will use this to poach the meatballs in later.


  1. Chop your chicken thighs up onto rough 1cm- ish blocks, this makes them easier to blend.


  1. Start off by blending the spinach, garlic, herbs and onion. Just pulse so they are ‘finely chopped’ again not to a paste consistency. Set this mixture aside in a bowl.


  1. Now for the chicken thighs, blend these in two rounds if you need to. Once the thighs are blended to a chunky chicken mince consistency plop all of that mixture into a bowl with the spinach and herb mixture and mash them together to combine, use a big metal spoon or even get involved with your hands and just make sure that you have your beautiful flecks of green throughout the minced chicken mixture. Season well with Salt & Pepper.


  1. Roll into balls approximately the size of a ping pong ball. By now your poaching water should be boiling. Pop your chicken mince balls into the poaching mixture and poach for 10 minutes.


  1. Check the seasoning of your Bumbu Bali sauce, and add salt if needed. Serve the meatballs in a generous ladle full of the sauce and add your choice of veg, we used some flash fried pak choi, but wilted spinach, tenderstem broccoli, baby corn, red pepper, even roasted butternut or sweet potato is delicious in this sauce!





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