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Lasersure – PALOMAR 1540

Instead of a solid laser beam, the Palomar Icon delivers multiple micro-beams, leaving the surrounding cells undamaged, and ready for repair. When the collagen is heated to 650C, collagen is stimulated to remodel and produce new collagen over the next 100 days.  …

Smooth Summer Hair

Brendan Broedelet   Summer is on its way and with it the humidity that wreaks havoc with your hair, turning your silky-smooth tresses into a tangled, tousled mop and a reliable straightening and anti-frizz product into your new BFF. But which product …
Brendan Hair colour

DIY Haircolour – Not Always a Winner

Brendan Broedelet   The time constraints that accompany the dizzying pace of our modern life may make the option of buying a box of DIY hair-colour at the local supermarket more attractive than dialling the number of your favourite stylist but all …