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Now you can always have your cake…

Château Gâteaux cakes and desserts are hand-crafted by professional Pastry Chefs, using the finest and freshest ingredients available, without the use of added preservatives or artificial pre-mixes.

Under the guidance of the Maître Pâtissier, they create a range of traditional and customised European and local gâteaux and desserts to suit every palate and are constantly pushing the boundaries to create fresh and fabulous new ideas for you to enjoy.

Their cakes are filled with fresh farm cream – no artificial vegetable-based imitation cream fillings are to be found here. They use only the best natural flavours, fine chocolate, real fruit and other quality ingredients to create and flavour the Château Gâteaux range of treats.

Because they have perfected the art of sealed-in freshness through a unique fresh-to-frozen process, you can store your gâteaux frozen for long periods and defrost, at your convenience, to its original and exceptional hand-made state.

The retained flavour and quality is superb. If you follow the guidelines you will be guaranteed an indulgent experience with every mouthful!

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