Classic Rock on The Voice of Ballito


Dave Charles



Chris Prior is one of the most respected custodians of rock music in the country. Known universally as The Rock Professor, he started his career on Capital Radio 604 before moving on the Radio 5 /5FM where he carved out a late night niche that has never been equalled.

I first met Chris when I joined the deejay team at 5 way back in 1985 and now, thirty one years later, we are back together on a radio platform a little lower down the dial. Radio 5 /5FM broadcast on 98.0FM and Radio Life & Style is on 88.0FM. But now we also stream worldwide online so we can connect with listeners all over the world, many of whom remember those halcyon days when Radio 5 was huge and both Chris and I were household names. We may have moved on a few years, but the music remains as sharp and powerful as it was when it was freshly forged and you are going to love it!

The Chris Prior Show will take to the airwaves again on 88.0FM in Ballito every Tuesday evening from 8 – 10pm. If you are out of range of our FM signal, you can stream it live on

If you are a lover of classic rock, this is one show you are definitely going to want to catch.

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