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Hi Everyone,
We’ve made it through a fairly mild winter to the best time of year.  SPRING!  Arguably the shortest season of the year, but the season that has many of us hell bent on cleaning out the winter cobwebs – and perhaps, throwing out those old mattresses! If you’re in the market for a new set (bed and mattress) think no further than the Kings and Queens of a good night’s sleep – Cloud Nine and Rest Assured, who you can find at the following retailers around the North Coast:   Bed Boyz, Hirsch’s and Sleep King.  All of them have fantastic spring specials on their beds, so pop down to one of those stores this week to find the bed of your dreams!

We’ve had quite a few repairs and maintenance queries lately, and it’s clear that the consumer needs to convey exactly what they need to have sorted out in the way of repairs, and relay this clearly to the supplier.

You’re right to request pre-authorisation for repairs or maintenance services

  • Consumers have the right to request written cost estimates/quotations from suppliers, prior to the suppliers executing any repairs or maintenance services.
  • Suppliers are not permitted to charge consumers for drawing up any cost estimates/ quotations.
  • Consumers have the right to pre-authorise or refuse any additional repairs or maintenance services.
  • Consumers are not liable to pay for repairs or maintenance services done without their prior approval.
  • Suppliers are not permitted to charge consumers for any diagnostic work/inspections required in compiling cost estimates/quotations unless there was prior agreement.

Because it’s spring, here are some great tidying tips from world famous de-clutterer, Marie Kondo, the Japanese lady with the knack of streamlining one’s home.

Marie says “The key to successful tidying is tackling your home in the correct order.  Keep only what you WANT AND LOVE. Effective tidying involves only two things, discarding must come first – then decide where to store what you are keeping.

MAKE TIDYING A SPECIAL EVENT.   It should be a once in a lifetime task, and you will be able to enjoy a clean and uncluttered space of your choosing. Once you have put your house in order, tidying will be reduced to the very simple task of putting things back where they below and this will become an unconscious habit.

Take time to sit down and examine each item you own and then decide whether you want to discard or keep it.  Don’t carry around the negative image of being an UNTIDY PERSON.

Once you have experienced the powerful impact of perfectly ordered space, you will never return to clutter.

Please keep those queries coming through!  Contact me on

Remember that if you have any complicated queries – especially those bordering on the legal side –  go straight to the Consumer Council  – KZN Consumer Complaints Hotline number: 0800 333 667 which is a free service to the public, or go to the SMALL CLAIMS COURT in Stanger.  This is particularly with regards to money that needs to be claimed back – if it is a small amount. Contact them on 032 551 1201. The only payment involved is the fee payable to the Sheriff – depending on how far he has to travel to serve.

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