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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your feedback from the last Consumer Column on Estate Duties and De –cluttering. It’s interesting to hear how many people don’t discuss Estate Duty with their family, and when the blow falls and someone dies, many are left bewildered as to how to handle an Estate, so thanks again to Nirvashni Rajkumar for her sound advise. She can be contacted on for more information.

I had such good feedback on the whole decluttering ones wardrobe scenario, that I have continued with some of Stylist, Daniyel Berry’s wise ideas in this month’s column.

Next month, I will be covering contracts with regards to Social Media. If you have anything specific you would like me to cover with regards to this, please drop me a line.

10. Questions to ask when de-cluttering your wardrobe:

Do I LOVE it? You have to LOVE it to keep it!

Is it my Colour? Get Colour coded! Find out which colours suit your hair colour, eye colour & skin tone. This will eliminate those items which you have been holding onto but you don’t seem to wear often.

Does it suit my figure type? This will also narrow down the process.

Does it suit my personality? Often we are given gifts from family or friends. They tend to buy items because they like them, but they do not necessarily suit your personality.

Does it suit my current lifestyle? Sometimes we still hang onto the surfing T-shirts which we wore during our University days. Life has changed. Let go of items which fit into a previous generation.

Is it sentimental? Keep those sentimental items. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, we don’t want to be heartbroken about having to let these go. Memories are important. Box these items to make more space in your wardrobe.

Is it worn out? Or just tired? Keeping these items are only going to date you. These definitely need to be donated or tossed.
Have I got five other tops just like it? Duplicates? This is very common! We get stuck in a rut & when we do our groceries we often throw in another black top. We feel safe, but only to get home to find we have another 10 just like it. Keep your best 3 out of 10, if possible.
Is the print dated? This is definitely a problem in so many South African women’s wardrobes. They buy more prints than plains. Over the years I’ve discovered that women are afraid of accessorizing and are therefore drawn to prints. A print takes the  place of an accessory as it is the detail

Contact Daniyel on for more advice.
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