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This is the time of year when everyone looks at their finances and decides what they should be cutting back on or pumping more money into.  I’ve had a few people asking me about contractual rental agreements with regard to commercial properties.  For instance a rented space in a shopping mall that you feel is just not seeing the returns that you expected.  You want to pull out, but have signed a contract for a certain period of time.  I had a chat with Veronica O’Dwyer from Wiesinger O’Dwyer Inc. about the pitfalls of terminating a commercial contract.  Thanks to Veronica for her succinct feedback:

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) applies to a commercial lease only when the company’s annual turnover is less than R2,000,000.

The common law principle in relation to the law of contract ensures that the parties have a right to contract freely. The Consumer or Lessee can cancel a lease agreement by giving the supplier 20 business days’ notice in writing.

Section 14 (3) (1) (a) and (b) of the act states that the consumer (lessee) will be liable for any amounts owed up to the date of cancellation, and the service provider (lessor) can impose a reasonable cancellation penalty on the consumer if the agreement is not met.

The lessee will be liable for all amounts owed under the lease up to the date of cancellation, and may be obliged to pay a penalty, which could be the lost rental and other charges.  This amount must be reasonable.

Our little StyleMe Whizz Kid, Daniyel Berry is back in time to give you a great booster for the month of love!  Dan understands that we may all still be a little over weight after indulging excessively during the Festive Season.  This is her take on how to embrace Style & feel Confident in your Plus-sized body!



  1. Don’t wait to lose weight to look great

Having a great sense of style has nothing to do with your size. Buy fabulous items which fit you now. Clothing can always be altered to fit if you become smaller.


  1. Dress for your body shape, not your size.

The way your clothing fits is imperative. Look for clothing that shapes and contours your body. Emphasize your assets and disguise the parts you’re less proud of.


  1. Don’t be afraid to embrace fashion trends

Pick out 5 new items for the season. It could be a new colour, print, an earring or necklace which is on trend. A new bag in a pop of colour is also fab! Work these into your investment wardrobe to create an updated look.


  1. Wear clothing which skims your body

Opt for well-made clothing which is not too tight. Darts & panel lines create an illusion of shape. Stay away from garments which look like giant smocks, they are not flattering at all & will only make you feel larger.


  1. Follow a Plus-size style blogger for inspiration

You will find outfit ideas & discover new places to shop. It’s wonderful to share experiences & be part of a community who understands where you’re coming from.

Remember, Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!

If you are looking for any more inspiring tips or if you would like to book your “New You Plus-size” consultation email:

Drop me a mail on if you have a particular issue that you would like to discuss or need help to sort out!

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