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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your feedback from the last Consumer Column!  I have had so many people asking that we continue with Style Me’s Daniyel Berry’s style tips so have happily included more great ideas from Dan for you to follow.  I’ve also had many mails about contracts and the renewal thereof, so I’m devoting the first part of the column to contract issues.

With regards to the CPA and the automatic-renewal clause  that deals with contracts in South Africa  that is often included in fixed-term contracts, and refers to the instant renewal of one’s contract upon reaching its expiry date:  Both the supplier and the consumer are able to cancel a fixed-term contract.  Consumers can do so by giving the supplier 20 business days’ notice IN WRITING, or any other recorded form.  This is something that one must remember specifically with regards to gym contracts. A supplier is obliged to give the consumer written notification of the pending expiry of a fixed term contract, and notice must be given 40 to 80 business days before the expiry of the contract.

Here’s an interesting piece of advice regarding phone contracts.   If your phone contract is coming up for renewal and you don’t need a new phone with your contract upgrade, you need to actually go in to see your provider and let them know that you won’t be getting a new phone.  The monthly billing amount will be reduced dramatically.  However if you assume that this will happen, and don’t actually tell your service provider, you will continue being billed for your phone.

So many people make the mistake of signing up for contracts online and then half way through, they regret doing so but don’t know how to cancel, and get in a panic.  I have had so many people telling me stories of how they continue being billed for something they don’t use.  .  IPhone’s are pretty straight forward as you cancel through the IStore.  If you have an Android phone, you cancel your subscription with Google Play store.  Very simple and no need to panic!

 STYLE TIPS – Learn to Accessorize
Thanks so much to Daniyel Berry for her great styling advice. With regards to accessories, Daniyel   says l “After consulting with many clients I have found that this is a big downfall for many people. I often think of Accessories as your icing and sprinkles on a chocolate cake. How much more tantalizing does that cake look with decorations? It makes you want to eat it :) Yes, we need to add the sprinkles to our outfits! It makes the world of difference. I challenge you to accessorize every day for a week. This could be in the form of a beautiful handbag, scarf, necklace, earrings or even a beautiful pair of shoes.

  1. Less is More
    How many of us say “I have nothing to wear”? Yet, we have a wardrobe FULL of clothing. Ok, so it’s the 80/20 Rule. If you really analyse it, you are probably wearing 20% of your wardrobe and 80% is just hiding the fabulous items. We all think MORE is MORE but in actual fact MORE is LESS. The more you have the less you have to wear. We need to apply the LESS is MORE principal where we build more with fewer items. . Start investing in key items & then accessorize these items. Add one or two new trends and you’re on your way! Contact Daniyel on for more advice.

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