Curro Mount Richmore – Growing From Strength to Strength


When Curro Mount Richmore opened their doors in January 2014, 120 learners were enrolled. When the school reopened five years later on 17 January 2018, 694 learners entered the gates and 98 walked into eco kidz, who is also part of the Curro family since January 2017. This year we are celebrating our five years of being a school that shows growth every year.

We have the Castle that hosts our little princes and princesses from the age or three months to five years. Each class, equipped with an aircon and a security camera, hosts a maximum of 25 children. From age four, they have the option of Afrikaans or English classes.  You will find state-of-the-art equipment inside and outside the classrooms.

Our foundation phase learners have their own sports and PE coaches to assist the staff with activities such as hockey, netball, soccer, rugby and swimming. Curro Tennis is also one of the activities that the Curro group supports and world-class coaches are on the premises daily to train learners from three to 18 years, as well as coaching private lessons.

A vital part of the intermediate phase is Robotics as a subject until Grade 7. This unique subject teaches the learners communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, character and citizenship to solve global problems.

Our high school reached its full capacity with our first matrics that will write their final exams in November 2018. We are proud of the 26 learners who are dedicated to their studies and excited to plan their future. The first head boy and girl have been appointed as well, so we can finally say, Curro Mount Richmore is the school where your child can be educated for 18 happy years!

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