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Pam Jacob – Driefontein Garden Centre

And so it is out with the old, and in with the new.  New Year’s resolutions.  Stop smoking! Stop drinking! Lose some weight!  How about “This year I will look after my garden!

Give it the tender, loving care it deserves and add another 20 to 30% or more to the value of my property!”  Now that makes a load of sense to me.

Get yourself a Year Book – the type you write everyone’s Birthdays in – but use this as your Gardening Diary.  Divide into the Four Seasons – about March being the start of autumn; June the beginning of winter; September is true spring and December to the end of February as summer.

If you did extremely well with any one plant during the year, make a note of when you planted and repeat this exercise.  If you want to plant winter and Spring Bulbs, the Easter week-end is the right time to do this.

Check all the Agapanthus; Clivias; Amaryllis lilies; Eucharis (Amazon) lilies and Crinum lilies for Lily Borer.  Treat with Koinor as a drench and diarise every two months to repeat this application.  This will keep all your lily family in good condition.

Write down when you last fertilized your lawn and flower beds – lawns with high Nitrogen and flower beds with a High Potassium fertilizer and make a note to repeat every 6 to 8 weeks, with a break from the end of May to the end of July, when the routine starts again.

Check your stocks of Chemicals and Fungicides and Fertilizers and if you don’t know the correct application of any or all of them, bring a list along to the Nursery and we will advise you on what to use where.

If your entrance, pool and patio areas need a bit of tiddling up, it is not too late. Come to the Nursery armed with photos of the areas in question and we will help you with a selection of plants to add some Festive joy and add to the celebration of the Birth of a Baby Boy, born about 2020 plus years ago, who can bring traffic to a standstill and joy to the heart.

God Bless you and yours this Festive Season.


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