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Have you ever purchased something, expecting that the advice and knowledge that has been given to you on the product has been 100% and you can just go ahead and operate the item on the advice given?  We live in a pretty fast paced world and need to keep up with the latest technology.  This really is not difficult if we have been given good, solid, advice from the source of purchase.  Of course we need to read the operators instructions to back up the advice, but it’s usually the advice from the brand ambassador or salesperson that sticks and if it’s wrong, it leaves us wondering about the trustworthiness of the supplier.

One of our readers recently had a torrid experience with a local electronics supplier who she assumed would know exactly what they were talking about when she purchased her computer from them.  The computer was on a special and the salesman (clearly in a hurry to make his target for the month) gave a convincing sales pitch on the product.  The customer assumed that he knew what he was talking about.  When she got home and worked on the computer with the instructions given, she discovered that the sales person really didn’t have much of a clue about the computer and she ended up paying for someone to come in and re do settings that had wrongly been put into place at the point of purchase.  Needless to say she was furious and is likely to spread the news that the company concerned is not to be trusted.  “They advertise that they are the experts, but this is far from the truth.” She points out.

Retailers cannot afford to have their reputations damaged like this.  Consumer trust is essential for them to grow and maintain their customer base.  For an untrained salesman to be put in charge of selling a high end computer product is unacceptable and customer concerned is now taking the matter up with the retailers management team.

Says Dion Chang, innovator, creative thinker, visionary and renowned trend analyst “Trust isn’t a commodity that can be purchased.  It is an asset that much be earned through transparency and truthfulness. Consumers want brands to give them information that will affect them even if it is negative.  Today, nothing can be kept hidden from savvy consumers, so if you try to lie or bury the truth, you will erode their trust in you.  Consumers have the right to make an informed decision on what they buy, and you can have the best marketing campaigns in the world, but if consumers don’t trust you because you act unethically, then they will simply switch to another brand!



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