Eco Kidz – A Happy Learning Environment

Carol Webster, Principal of Eco Kidz

‘Family is one of the most important things in my life,’ says Carol Webster, the principal of Eco Kidz, the nursery school in Simbithi Eco Estate. ‘Not only do I want my children to have the best education, but I want them to be happy, loved and supported in everything they do.
I started Eco Kidz not only for the business aspect, but to help raise children in a nurturing environment.’
Carol’s goal is to have a happy school where both educators and children wake up excited to come to school every day. One of the best parts of her day is seeing the kids walk through the door with a big smile.
‘I believe this family aspect of our school is the main reason why it has flourished and is now an asset to Curro Mount Richmore. Even though we joined the bigger Curro family we will continue to love and nurture everyone in our care.’

Eco Kidz is managed by Curro Mount Richmore since January, 2016. Educators receive regular training to educate and stimulate learners while playing in a safe environment. Eco Kids

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