Fairmont Chocolate Evening

Rowan Wagner

They say a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands and that’s exactly what Fairmont Zimbali in collaboration with Belgium chocolatiers Callebaut gave Life & Style at their Chocolate Affair on the 23rd of March.

Callebaut’s Minette Smith explained that their chocolate is made with the best sustainable cocoa beans of West Africa and cannot be found in retail stores but is used by chefs around the world.  Being one who occasionally enjoys a chocolate bar I had no idea what would await my inexperienced chocolate taste buds with Fairmont Executive Chef, Dean Uren and his team guiding us through their menu.

Taken into the unknown of chocolate food pairing each dish was carefully explained to broaden the mind into what exactly was being presented on the plate. Two items on the tasting menu stood out firstly the Avocado and chocolate paint with sushi rice, tempura spinach and ponzu particularly because I have never seen let alone tasted such a combination but again surprised by how fantastic it was, set the tone for what was to come, a clay oven camembert trussed with dark chocolate and honeycomb which made everything I have ever tasted wither in comparison to the explosion of flavour Chef Uren created in this dish.

The evening was capped off with a white chocolate with cognac reduction and smoked dark chocolate dessert and the exquisite signature chocolate tasting that can only be described as death by chocolate.

Fairmont Zimbali and their team hit the nail on the head with this menu and made diners realise chocolate is more than just picking up a slab of the shelf.

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