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Those who have been lucky enough to get up north to the beaches around the Kosi Bay area, will have noticed how far the tide pulls out on a low tide and how level and flat the beach gets making it perfect for riding a bicycle.

On a recent trip up there I took along my fat bike which is a mountain bike with big balloon tyres designed to ride on sand or snow, and tackled a ride from Banga Nek to the Kosi Bay – a 26km round trip.

If you enjoy coastal forests and deserted beaches for miles, this is the place for you.

It’s a four hour round trip including a half hour look around and tea break, but the scenery is out of this world.

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Giant sand dunes tower along this part of the coast line for as far as the eye can see and, with no buildings or distinguishable land marks to judge distances by, it’s quite intimidating. For every point you round, there are several more ahead.

You would think that riding on a flat beach is a piece of cake, but do not be fooled as there are no rest periods like when you are freewheeling down a hill, so constant peddling and correct tyre pressures is a must to get  the best performance out of your bike .


On the seaward side, there are hundreds of crabs darting up and down with each wave surge and on the opposite side the dunes, bird life like you cannot believe, all waiting around for a meal from a possible turtle hatching.

For the lucky ones, the sight of a leopard or one of the coastal forest cats up in the dunes will really be a prize.

There are a number of camp sites up in that area and access to the area is via four wheel drive vehicles as the roads are sand tracks.

Respect nature in this part of the world and you will need to look were you ride to avoid all the small sea creatures that also use the beach.

Observe the rules and stay far from the dunes and turtle nests.

One of Africa’s treasures is right on your door step.

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