FreshlyGround – Magic in the Sugarcane

_MG_4187The second Marriott Ballito Beats concert at Sugar Rush Park in Ballito was a wonderful example of what South Africa can become if we are able to rise above the grubby political mischief that is doing its best to tear us apart.
On Sunday, people of all ages, colour and creed came together in a park-like setting to celebrate family and friendship and the joy that good music can bring.
There were fewer than a thousand people there but the atmosphere was so special that the memory will linger long after the final notes drifted away on the breeze.
The organization was slick and professional, with security and medical services subtly on standby to ensure that everyone was safe and comfortable.
And then there was the music…_MG_4163
South Coast outfit, The Kickstands got the show going with some of the finest acoustic guitar work ever heard on the North Coast. And then there was FreshlyGround…the diminutive Zolani Mahola captures the audience with a charm that is infectious and the hits just kept on coming. People were dancing as if no one was watching – carried away by the sheer joy of the occasion.
If you were there, you will remember…if you weren’t, you missed something really special. Don’t miss the next one!

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