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The Stig and The Editor


Life & Style is fast evolving into an exciting multimedia brand as print and radio merge seamlessly online adding new dimensions that can be enjoyed live on any digital platform wherever you happen to be.
The launch of our new video production division has created opportunities for some really fun and creative features, the first of which is currently in production.
Radio Life & Style 88.0FM and the SMD Motor Group is busy right now with a new multimedia feature due to launch on air and online in April. We have the first few episodes shot and edited with many more to follow and we anticipate that we will continue shooting until the end of May and possibly even into June.
The technology being used is fabulous. Everything is being recorded in high definition giving you amazing resolution and fabulous images. Cameras are mounted on karts, helmets, drones in the sky above and on hand held rigs to capture every nuance of the action on the track. It’s fast and furious…and lots of fun.
Fastest around the track is a karting challenge loosely based on the popular Top Gear theme, pitting Ballito’s celebs against The Stig – a Pro Racing Driver- to see who does the fastest lap around the track at Ace Karting in Ballito to claim the ultimate title.
Unlike most recreational karting tracks, the Ace Karting track in Ballito is built on tarmac so it’s fast and the karts are set up to test the driving skills to the limit. The visual fun comes from the fact that none of the contenders are professional drivers – they are local movers and shakers who you will probably know quite well. There are a few surprises in store – and plenty of action too!
Each week a chosen contender who has completed the challenge will be interviewed live on air and the top lap time they achieved and their place on the leader board will be revealed to the world.
The fastest contender at the top of the leader board at the end of the series will get to go head to head with The Stig on the race car simulators at the SMD Group showrooms in Ballito to see how they fare in the pro digital track arena.
Tune in to 88.0FM every Friday at 5PM to listen to the interviews and times scored then watch the latest episode of the challenge on shortly afterwards to see how they did.
Our video division now makes live outside broadcasts even more fun, recording the events for posterity and uploading highlights to our Facebook and YouTube channels for additional exposure.
There are some wonderful events in the pipeline and so much more to look forward to as we continue to build a media brand that is putting Ballito proudly on the international map and adding value to all who enjoy the best of Life & Style.

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