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From the Editor – Dave Charles

From the Editor


Have you noticed how quiet the Bitcoin cheerleaders have gone of late? Apparently the cryptocurrency has effectively halved in value since the latter part of last year and there are a lot of people who invested “only what they could afford to lose” who have now done that.

I am sure there are those among us who made money while Bitcoin was on its meteoric rise to Happyworldland because they left the party at the right time. There is an art to leaving at the right time.

I remember as a very young musician, playing in a pick-up band for a wedding reception in the Benoni Town Hall. A pick-up band was just that – someone landed a gig and needed a few additional instruments to make up a band to fulfil the contract. In this case the finder of the gig and de facto band leader, was an elderly Scotsman who had hired the cheapest musicians he could find and the sound was predictably dreadful.

But this was Benoni – hardly the cultural capital of the world – and, bum notes and all, the crowd was loving it. This probably had more to do with the free drinks that were being hammered by all and sundry than the musical talent on the stage, but we had made it through the third set of the evening and were busy wowing the crowd with a thumpingly awful version of the Hokey Pokey…

You put your right foot in. You take your right foot out. You put your right foot in. And you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey. And you turn yourself around. And that’s what it’s all about.

Oh Oh the Hokey Pokey…”

Man, the crowd was on fire – they had formed a huge circle on the dance floor and were putting their right feet in and taking them out like their lives depended on it. It was the same with the left feet…and when it came to the chorus, they almost lifted the roof of the town hall with a tuneless roar… “OH OH THE HOKEY POKEY…”

When we came to the end of that song the crowd went wild, yelling for more and flooding the stage with brandy and cokes despite the fact that I and a schoolmate Ricky – our bass player – were not yet legally old enough to drink.

But at that moment we felt like rock stars. The crowd was loving us and we couldn’t wait to launch into the next tune – but, no – we were taking a break because, as the old Scotsman declared – “ye’ve got to leave ‘em wantin’ MOORE!”

These, as it happens, proved to be wise words that stood me in good stead over the next decade as I played my way through what in retrospect was a colourful chapter in my life.

Leaving people wanting more effectively equates to quitting while you’re ahead, and it works well in musical performance. There are those who might venture to say that it works equally well in all other aspects of life too and it might be the kind of advice that Jacob Zuma should have taken before the chickens came home to roost – or as a Zulu friend of mine said… came home to roast.

Still, who isn’t partial to a freshly roasted chicken or two? They might even be better flame grilled the way Nando’s does them.

Hopefully the aroma of roasting chicken will soon fill the air over our beloved country and we can have a huge party to celebrate – heck, I might even dust off the old Hokey Pokey again!

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