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From the Editor – Dave Charles

This week we launched something new from the Life & Style team designed to add more to your Brand Ballito experience. If you are among the growing number of people who have discovered Ballito’s own radio station and are enjoying the mix of music and info we offer you every day you may have wondered about the studio and what the presenters and their regular studio guests look like too.

Well, now you can see it all in high definition as we offer you a technological first from Radio Life & Style.
We have just imported a super piece of kit that allows us to link high definition cameras and audio to our digital radio stream. This means that we can show you what’s happening live in the studio via our Facebook Live platform and you can watch it all on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We are in the trial stage now but, going forward, you will be able to see things that you have regularly heard about on Radio Life & Style – the creative things…the food and drink specials presented by the experts, and all of the other interesting and unusual studio guests like puppies, kittens and other creatures, the beautiful people, the wierdos, the celebrities and everything else that makes up a day in the life of Radio Life & Style every day.

It effectively turns the radio studio into a small television studio and with digital communication rapidly becoming the most important medium on the spectrum, we are now taking Ballito into the digital age across the planet.
It’s interesting to see where our listeners are joining us from. As our FM signal allows us a limited reach – from Ballito to Zinkwazi in the North and Umhlanga in the South, to listen to us further afield, most listeners are now downloading our apps from the Play Store or App Store and listening to us from wherever they choose.

We have a surprisingly large digital listenership in the Durban Metro area. Listeners from Gauteng and many other inland locations are enjoying a touch of coastal fresh air by tuning in to our stream too.
What is even more surprising is how many people are listening to us internationally. People who have emigrated from Ballito or have holidayed here or have an interest in this part of the world are tuning in regularly to stay in touch.
And we are working on something even more exciting and innovative that will soon change the game in the local communications industry. While I can’t make the announcement yet as we are not quite ready to launch, I can tell you that we are all very excited about the future and look forward to inviting you to join us to experience it.
So, watch this space – and keep listening to Radio Life & Style online or on 88.0FM for news about this imminent development. We think you’re going to enjoy it!
Welcome to another edition of Life & Style, building Brand Ballito and sharing the lifestyle that we love.



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