Green Lawn and Summer Colours

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Pam Jacob- Driefontein Garden Centre

Hasn’t the rain been glorious? 25mls is not to be sniffed at and will do wonders for the garden. Such a glorious time to get digging and planning for the months ahead. Believe me, the Festive Season will be here before we know it.
A well maintained green lawn is the best compliment to any garden and lawns are so forgiving and quite easily resuscitated, when given regular care. But we do hear of people doing some daft things. Like applying `Round Up’ to remove the weeds. Of course it will remove the weeds and remove them very well. And the grass! And anything else that the chemical touches. You absolutely cannot use `Round Up’ on an existing lawn. Good for areas where there are only weeds to be got rid of but if you have any plants or lawn that you wish to keep, please do not apply `Round Up’.

If you must use a weed killer, there are a number on the shelves such as Hormoban; MCPA Broad Leaf Weed-Killer or the ready mixed `No More Weeds’ but it is wonderful exercise to remove them by hand, although not always possible. One should ensure that the weeds do not have time to set seeds that are distributed by nature and will have a hundred thousand progeny each.

We also heard of a case where a lawn was removed in sods; set aside; a layer of compost applied to the ground and the lawn replaced on top of this. And they wonder why it looks a mess!!! Reason this out. You have disturbed the root system of the grass very badly and the sods need to begin all over again to knit with the lower ground. What should they have done? If the lawn is slightly uneven in places, you might want to use river sand to even it out.

A lawn dressing may be applied at the rate of about 1 x 30dm bag to 3 sq .metre or simply apply any fertilizer that is high in Nitrogen, such as 3:2:1 Slow Release; 7:1:3 or 4:1:1. Chicken litter is also excellent, provided your neighbours are away for the week-end.

Colour wise, we are now between Seasons, with the Summer Annuals making an appearance on the shelves. Please find a space for Portulaca annuals. They are the jewels of summer and wonderful food for all nectar feeding insects.

Plant en masse in a full sun position and they will delight you for months and months on end. Dahlias – both the large bulbs and the bedding variety are available. Both these seedlings will reward you well into the autumn of 2018. If you call into the Nursery, we will tell you how we keep moles at bay.
So put your gardening shoes on and get stuck in – digging and planning and planting. You will be amazed at the rewards.

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