Grow Your Own Organic Food


Growing organic food has endless benefits. It’s healthy, delicious, economical and incredibly satisfying, both mentally and physically. You have more control over the quality of food you’re feeding your family and you’re doing the earth a favour, too. You’ll also waste less because you end up picking only the food you need on the day you plan to eat it.
To ensure that your garden is protected from moles, birds and monkeys you can build a simple framework covered with bird netting with raised beds to keep moles at bay. This also works well as you don’t have to bend as much when tending to your plants.
And the internet is full of useful ideas to help you when it comes to what to grow and what to do to keep your plants healthy.
For example, sprinkling coffee grounds on the soil will keep away the ants; crushed egg shells sprinkled around the base of your plants will deter slugs and snails; sage and marigold repel insects from newly seeded areas; earthworm “wee” is the best fertilizer around and a small plastic or Tupperware container filled with beer and sunk slightly into the soil will attract slugs and keep them away from precious plants.
Growing your own organic garden is easy and lots of fun. Make it a family affair and involve your children. It’s a brilliant way to teach them the importance of eating organic food, and how your health is related to what you eat.
And just think of the time and money you’ll save by strolling to your garden to pick your herbs and vegetables, instead of hopping into your car (fuel emissions going into the atmosphere …) and driving to the shops.

(note: this is a very potent mixture)

1 head of garlic; 4 onions; 1 Tbs crushed/dried chopped chilli; 2 Tbs cooking oil; 2 Tbs liquid soap
Blend the garlic, onion and chilli and let it stand, covered, for 24 hours. Add oil and liquid soap. Keep refrigerated in a sealed container. Use 1 tablespoon of mixture to 1 litre of water for spraying.

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