Hands Across The Water – From Ballito to Lewes

Hands across the water-Lews-Grammar-School

In 2011 Lewes Old Grammar School started an association with Ashton International College and the two schools this year celebrated their 8 year relationship.  In 2011, 2013, and 2015 and now in 2018 students from Lewes visited South Africa and were hosted by Ashton parents.  In 2012 Ashton students undertook their first trip to Lewes, and a number of students visited the UK in 2014.  The 2016 trip was unfortunately cancelled, so 2019 a group of Ashton students will have the opportunity of being hosted by LEWES and experience the art, sport and culture of the UK.  The schools played hockey, soccer and arranged for a talent contest which was enjoyed by all.


Caption : LOGS and Ashton teams pictured on the Ashton Astro

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