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Shopping Giant Reveals Smart Speaker That Can Learn Its Owner’s Voice, Act As Personal Assistant, And Play Music They Ask For

Amazon has launched a new $200 smart speaker that can listen to its owner and follow their commands. Called Echo, the cylinder can do everything from play music to read out your diary and weather for the day. The firm launched the speaker with a single tweet, and users can request an invite to buy one.The 9-inch tall cylinder device acts as an artificially intelligent assistant and a high-end speaker.

As well as taking commands such as ‘play music by Bruno Mars’ or ‘add gelato to my shopping list’, Amazon said the device accesses the internet to answer questions such as ‘when is Thanksgiving?’ and ‘what is the weather forecast?’ Amazon said the speaker, which runs on Amazon Web Services, continually learns a user’s speech patterns and preferences. Users start the speaker up saying the wake up word, ‘Alexa’. It is available on an invitation-only basis in coming weeks. Amazon has had an unusually busy year, developing a mobile phone, video productions and grocery deliveries. Last month, the company forecast sales for the crucial holiday quarter that disappointed Wall Street and investors who are eager to see Amazon curtail its ambitions and start delivering sustainable profits.


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