Help Beat The Water Crisis With The Latest Water-Saving Tips

With the latest Hazelmere Dam stats showing that the dam level is sitting is at roughly 30%, there is approximately only 60 days of available water supply on the North Coast. The recent rains have only increased the dam level by 4% since last week’s update, and while three boreholes have been commissioned to augment the supply of water and daily quality checks are being conducted to ensure the water supply remains safe, there is still a critical shortage of water in the region.

SembCorp Siza Water, the utility responsible for water provision on the North Coast, is calling on all residents to achieve a 50% reduction in water usage until we make it through to the rainy season.

With a little effort, we can achieve this goal and make it though the drought without our taps running dry. Check out the poster below from SembCorp to see how you can save water in your daily lives.


Be a part of the solution – save water and let’s make every drop count!


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