Himalayan Salt Lamp

Christmas can be a stressful time but a few well-placed Himalayan Salt lamps around your home can significantly ease stress-related worries and bring a sense of calm to your environment.bigstock-relaxing-salt-lamp-3179563-837x560

A Himalayan salt lamp will help beat stress in a variety of ways, including:

♦  Improving air quality

♦  Lifting your spirits and rejuvenating your mind

♦  Easing skin conditions that may be exacerbated by stress, such as acne and eczema

♦  Absorbing positive ions and releasing negative ions back into your environment

♦  Neutralising electromagnetic radiation caused by your electronic devices

♦  Creating a sense of deep calm for those in the room

♦  Eliminating odours and creating a more restful environment

♦ Helping you have a more restful sleep

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