Importance of Coding at School

Rune van Zyl – Curro Mt Richmore

Curro 2Curro 1

Seven years ago it was considered adequate for learners to be computer literate, by which it was meant they needed to know how to use a computer. The fast pace of digitisation means that this is no longer sufficient. Learners need to know how computers work. They need to be taught how to write computer code.

With this need in mind, the Curro Centre for Educational Excellence (CCEE) is constantly interrogating the methodology of teaching and learning in the fields of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Coding in the form of Robotics. Robotics has been available as a subject from Grades R – 6 at Curro schools since 2011.

The Robotics Challenge was inspired by Curro’s need to address the educational needs of the 21st Century learner.

The Robotics Competitions encourage Curro learners to communicate, collaborate, build character, use critical thinking, be creative and show citizenship in solving global problems.


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