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At St Mary’s, we do more than teach.  We inspire our girls to greatness through the work of our experienced and committed teachers.  Since 1906 the school has taken great pride in advancing the lives of all our pupils with a balanced and structured, yet flexible and innovative, approach to education. This gives each girl the opportunity to excel and achieve her personal best.


Beyond School


St Mary’s has an excellent track record of our students gaining places at the University of their choice. Research has shown that a greater percentage of pupils from girls’ schools go on to study at tertiary institutions than is the case in co-educational independent schools. Girls’ schools prepare and inspire pupils with pertinent knowledge by educating them to be resilient and confident. There is no obstacle preventing girls from exploring a career in any area.


Emotional Intelligence


The rapid changes in the workplace requires people to become more resilient, open-minded and committed to life-long learning. As a school, we have intentionally made this part of our “hidden curriculum”. Being a girls’ school unique opportunities exist for us to focus on understanding oneself and others. By developing our girls’ EQ, we enable them to develop perseverance, self-control and collaborative skills: all of which are associated with high personal and academic success.


Coding and Robotics


As technology becomes more interwoven in people’ lives, St Mary’s is developing our cross curricular work further with more robotics, media production, entrepreneurship projects and design. This has meant that the high school has developed its own Makerspace and set of studios. Video cameras, light sets, green screens, Rasperry Pi’s and laser cutters are all part of this programme. Most of this work is done in groups so that collaboration and communication skills are also developed.




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