Is this the world’s most EXPENSIVE lip look? Make-up artist Vlada Haggerty used more than 80 diamonds to create the 6.5-carat, R360,000 transformation

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Make-up artist Vlada Haggerty is known for her incredible liquid lip-art concoctions. Clicking on her Instagram account may very well result in hours spent scrolling through her signature pouts, many of which feature gravity-defying drips of lip gloss.

Each one of her creations is more captivating than the next, which explains why she has almost 675,000 followers. It also explains why Smashbox Cosmetics chose her to be its first-ever ‘Lip Editor-in-Chief’, a role in which she consults on all of the brand’s lip-related innovations.

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In one of her first public appearances on the job, Vlada teamed up with jewelry designer Zoe Chicco to achieve, what we can only imagine, is the world’s most expensive lip-art look in history.
Vlada adhered more than 80 diamonds (about 6.5 carats) to a model’s lips over the course of an hour to create the living art piece. In total, the diamonds were worth about R360 000.

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