Jaguar’s all-electric I-Pace undergoes final tests

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If Elon Musk had peered out of his California office window last week he might have caught a glimpse of the new electric car that’s set to challenge his Tesla brand’s market dominance.

The vehicle in question is Jaguar’s 2018 I-Pace, an all-electric premium SUV that is set to undercut the most affordable Tesla equivalent – the Model X 75D – by £10,000 and wipe the floor with it in a game of Top Trumps.

The British manufacturer has been conducting final test on a pre-production car in the US, including a 200-mile drive along California’s West Coast on a single charge, ahead of it going on sale in the UK in March with a price tag in the region of £60,000.
Jaguar engineers have been snapped taking the near production-ready I-Pace on a long-distance range test from Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, without having to stop to replenish electricity in the vehicle’s Lithium-Ion battery.

The most northern point of that route took the I-Pace within 200 miles of Tesla’s South Freemont factory.
Jaguar said the US-based test was to mark the one-year anniversary of the I-Pace’s debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show, though the zero-emissions sprint through California could easily have been a warning shot to Tesla that it will begin to face stiff competition from rival mainstream vehicle makers from 2018.

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Jaguar said thousands of potential customers have already hit the ‘I want one’ button on its website to place a deposit or register a strong interest in the hotly anticipated electric SUV.

Not only does this guarantee them guest list-like first access to the order books that open in March, but a lucky few will also help Jaguar’s engineers conduct the final validation tests before the I-Pace is rubber-stamped for production.
While no official figures have been revealed by Jaguar, the concept stats suggest the I-Pace could be a real headache for Musk and Tesla.

A maximum power output of 396bhp and 700 Nm of torque has been quoted, while sprints from a standstill to 100kph should take less than four seconds.

And with a range of 500km and a price tag starting from £60,000 (R1086577,00), it gazumps the most affordable Tesla Model X that’s on sale today.

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