Keep Calm and Eat Clean



Lisl Bennett

I don’t like following diets. I don’t like following the rules in general never mind in my own kitchen. So in writing this article, I thought about what I actually eat at home. I asked myself if I’m actually practicing what I preach as GOODNESS GURU.

I’ve been on an inner health and wellness journey for almost 15 years now. Some choices I’m making feel so natural it feels like I’ve always eaten this way. But a recent trip back home opened my eyes to how far I’ve come.

I was cooking with my Mom which always filled me with a sense of nostalgia and belonging. When my mother puts food in front of me she shows me that she loves me. So I would never think to complain or refuse to eat something she cooked. But I realized I would never have cooked those potatoes. I would never use that much bright orange cheddar cheese. I no longer eat shop bought bread. These and many more changes had crept in from the way I ate when I grew up to the way I eat now.

Some changes I hadn’t even noticed I’d made for example when did I stop eating salad dressing and switch to just olive oil and lemon juice? Other changes like cutting out white flour were more conscious. I hadn’t made these changes all at once, they had crept in bit by bit over the years.

But am I really following a diet. I know I don’t eat preserved food. I try to make everything from scratch. I’ve cut way down on Carbs but I’m not a big fan of red meat. How do I define my way of eating and how do I explain these changes to my Mom so I don’t offend her?

Just eat Clean. That’s it. No junk, no preservatives, no refined foods. Just eat real food.

I like those rules, they keep me calm. What about you?

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