Lasersure – PALOMAR 1540


Instead of a solid laser beam, the Palomar Icon delivers multiple micro-beams, leaving the surrounding cells undamaged, and ready for repair. When the collagen is heated to 650C, collagen is stimulated to remodel and produce new collagen over the next 100 days.  The full result of the treatment continues and will be best noted after 6 months. Icon treatment is used for skin tightening, wrinkle-, stretchmarks- and scar reduction.

Local anaesthetic is applied to reduce discomfort. After the treatment, the skin may be red and swollen leaving it feeling “hot” Three to six treatments are required, at 3-4-week intervals. There should only be bronzing and a rough appearance & feel to the skin. (Blisters, crusting and /or post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation should not occur) The use of sun protection with a minimum of SPF50+, applied three times a day, is not negotiable. Sun exposure should be avoided at all cost, to maximize the results.

The use of retinol, other products, and conditions, which may be contra-indicated, will be determined during a thorough medical history questionnaire.


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