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Welcome to Glenda Thompson who joins us as our Consumer Affairs Columnist and talk show host at Life and Style.  Glenda, who runs her own PR and Communications company Get-U-Noticed, has had over thirty years working as a community and consumer journalist, travel writer, marketing and PR consultant.  She has a solid background in Public Relations and Communications and works as a consultant for the Hirsch Group and for several smaller clients in KZN. 

Glenda Thompson

Hi Everyone! I hope that Mothers around the North Coast had an awesome weekend with their families.  The specials that we spoke about on our show last Friday will have come in really handy I’m sure.  It’s wonderful having such great sponsors for our Consumer Watch show!!   Hirsch’s, Rest Assured and Cloud Nine and of course, Food Lovers Market.  They all came up with some fantastic specials for the weekend to make your lives a lot easier when making shopping choices – and save on the family budget!  Don’t forget to listen out for specials every Friday at 8.30 on 88.0FM from our great sponsors.


It’s a given that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but if we want to live happily in South Africa, we have be aware of some of the “signs of the times” pitfalls,  ID theft being one of them.  People usually find that they have become a victim of identify crime when they are contacted by a credit provider or debt collector in connection with a debt that they know nothing about. On investigation, they find that someone else has been using their ID and personal documents to open accounts for loans etc.

DON’T let this happen to you!  Here’s how you can prevent ID theft: SHRED or burn all documents that have your personal information.  Don’t bin them.  Land fill tips have become havens for ID thieves. Make sure that your account passwords are strong and not easy to decipher. Never respond to emails or SMS’s that ask you to insert or update your personal or banking information by clicking on a website link provided in the content of the message. Only carry ID items like your passport or ID document when it is absolutely necessary.  Otherwise lock them away.

CAR JAMBING has become a common crime on the North Coast, and you need to be really very wary about leaving valuables in your car.

To beat would-be car thieves at their own game, every driver needs to develop the habit of physically testing the door handle of their vehicle before walking away. You can no longer trust the flash of lights or sounds that indicate that your vehicle is secure.

After jamming your remote, thieves gain access to your vehicle to steal laptops, backpacks, wallets, sunglasses and shopping – and the keys to your house.

From an insurance point of view, you could be in trouble if you have been jamb locked.

Most All Risks Insurance only covers items stolen from a car if there are visible signs of forced entry. So don’t leave anything visible, and lock everything in the boot or the cubbyhole. A thief is less likely to bother about your car if there is nothing of value in sight. However, if your vehicle offers access to the boot from the inside and the thieves see you stash your laptop, handbag or briefcase in the boot, no amount of boot locking will help.

Looking forward to our chat on Friday!!  Don’t forget to listen out at 8.30 a.m. for some great specials from our sponsors – and advice that will keep you happy and safe!

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