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Lifestyle Hearing Salt Rock has recently opened in the Mt Richmore Shopping Centre. They are new to the area and very keen to prove how effectively they can improve the way you hear the world around you. Hearing loss is generally subtle and progressive – you don’t realise it but by your thirties, you have already begun to hear less of the world around you and the decline continues unless you decide to stop it.


Lifestyle Hearing is currently offering free hearing screening to assess how much you are missing and how much you can get back. They are contacted to most medical aids and they also specialise in


  • Diagnostic testing – Audiological
  • Mould manufacturing
  • Custom hand crafted in the ear monitors for musicians
  • Custom hand crafted hearing protection devices, hunting, industrial, motorbikes
  • Custom hand crafted swim plugs
  • Free mould cleaning and overall check of your hearing devices while you shop


Lauren Bachman is a highly qualified Audiologist and Pierre Viljoen has vast experience in audiometry, fitting, repairs and manufacturing of hearing aids


Lifestyle Hearing is easily accessible with plenty of parking and Both Lauren and Pierre are waiting to help you to hear what you have been missing.


Lifestyle Hearing Mt Richmore Shopping Centre 032 525 4368

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