Local Filmmaker Helping Those In Need

Local Ballito resident and freelance filmmaker Gareth Kaatze has been using his talents to help those in need. He recently visited the Radio Life & Style studio to talk about his latest short film called The Adventures Of Marupi. “It was shot to raise awareness for a non-profit organization in Limpopo called Daktari Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage who are creating a huge amount of social upliftment in their area. They are really a great bunch of people doing amazing things. We decided to go for a less conventional route in helping them get exposure,” says Kaatze.

The film follows the story of Marupi, a young child passionate about the natural beauty of South Africa and its wildlife. However, although Marupi lives close to the famous Kruger National Park, he does not have the chance to experience it. From his remote village in Limpopo, Marupi lives surrounded by rubbish, with no access to clean water, and struggles to find space in his overcrowded classroom.

One day, comes across a bush school and a wildlife orphanage, which takes him in and inspires and educates him about the importance of environmental conservation. He learns to take care of the animals, to protect the planet and respect all living things. Marupi comes back to his village, proud and grown up, with the desire to share what he has learned with others and to make South Africa a better place…

 To see The Adventures Of Marupi for yourself and to find out how you can make a difference, click on the image below:

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Images : Gareth on set during the filming of The Adventures of Marupi.

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