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Rabbitone audio is a small manufacturer of specialist audio equipment. Their heritage includes military EOD communications, Microlight intercoms, helmets, antennas, light aircraft equipment and solar products. Now they have expanded into TV headphones and hearing solutions with the new Lint Audio range.


The Rabbitone range focuses on the TV listening market, whether watching late at night, in a bedroom or simply some private viewing, a Rabbitone product is available to fulfil the requirements. A truly clear speech spectrum is possible by a direct cable plugging to the DSTV or TV direct. It’s a more economical means to enable headphone viewing than with a wireless system. Wireless headphones do not feature similar clarity at an economical price.


The Lintaudio is targeting the three sectors of the audio market.


  • The cast market, you use any streaming service, Spotify, Deezer or Tunein radio or similar and play via a Google chromecast, phone or suitable device. The streaming device plays through the Lint Solo (a high end headphone amplifier) or a Lint Stereo 5, this is a 5 watts per channel class AB amplifier. All of these products use high end audio components found in far more expensive systems. With casting there is no need for fancy audio controls as the streaming device does this for you. Simply pure analogue sounds.


  • The vinyl market, two products specifically designed for a person who wants to dabble in Vinyl. They will need a turntable, these are normally in a relatives attic or available on the internet. However newer sound systems and surround sound systems do not accept a phono (turntable) input and require a pre amplifier. These are the LINTone, a entry level pre amplifier unit that performs perfectly with a mains powered supply.


  • The portable sounds market, a Lint Buddy is a portable headphone amplifier designed to be used with a portable sound source to drive over the ear headphones and enhance the sound experience. It drives up to three headphones and may also be plugged in at home and drive two small speakers. Intended for the commuter and traveller, simple download a sound track from a streaming service, plug in and enjoy the rich sound of analogue electronics.

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Other products manufactured are a gamer’s headphone charging stand and ordinary headphone stands to allow a convenient storage spot for headphones. A range of vinyl LP record stands and also Tee shirts will be available soon.


All products made in Ballito, see and



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