Mclaren’s Senna Hypercar – Only 500 Will Be Made

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This is McLaren’s bonkers new hypercar – a model that’s so wild you’ll be able to watch the tarmac rush past in a blur at more than 320kph via see-through panels in the doors.

It’s a British hypercar that’s been named after the late Brazilian three-time Formula One champion Ayrton Senna – the brand’s most iconic driver – with some of the proceeds of its R13 660 000.00 price tag being donated to his charity to support underprivileged children in his home nation.

Just 500 will be made (and all have already been sold) and – as the extreme bodywork suggests – it has been created for the super-rich to tear-up race tracks in their spare time.

However, despite all aggressive wings and wind-tunnel sculpted bodywork, it’s a car you can still legally drive to the supermarket on a Sunday morning.


The body, which is made entirely from lightweight carbon-fibre has been moulded into a ‘teardrop’ shape for the most aerodynamic performance.

As with the other Ultimate Series car in the current range, it gets McLaren’s own designed dihedral doors, though this time with an additional feature.

Move to the back of the car and you’ll find no less than three exhaust outlets sandwiched between a bench-sized carbon rear wing and a gigantic double diffuser that work in unison to keep your three-quarters of a million pound car planted into the road surface.

Inside, the Senna is as stripped down as you can get, with some very unique placements for key functions.

For instance, the door handles, electric-window switches and engine start button can’t be found in the centre console – all have been relocated to a panel in the roof, freeing up the dashboard for a single panel with temperature controls and a portrait-mounted infotainment screen.


Production of the 500 cars won’t commence until the third quarter of next year, with each one being hand-built at the state-of-the-art facility in Woking, Surrey where a lot of the design work has been conducted using the brand’s in-house road-car simulator.

Some of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Instituto Ayrton Senna charity.

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