Netflix Geo-lock content.. How to fix this with Unotelly…











Step 1: Please select the following under dynamo settings page:  

US: US Test 1, US Test 2 or US Test 3 (test all the dynamo options)

UK: UK Test 1

Other regions: Proceed with Step 4.

*Make sure you are using a dynamo enabled DNS address found here:   

Step 2: Clear your device cache:  

Step 3: Update your IP address:  

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the “Update IP” box (Login if you need to)
  3. Once clicked, you will see on the lower right side of your screen a message saying “Network Default updated” in green bar.
  4. Your IP address is now updated.

Step 4: If all steps failed, please provide the following:  to


Device affected:

Region accessed:

Video/Content Title you are trying to access:

DNS Servers used:

ISP Name:

For US/UK, does the above dynamo option worked:


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