Oxylisious Ozone Therapy.

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What is Oxylisious?


I believe your health and wellness is the most important aspect of your life. Most people work long hours leaving little or no time for exercise. These are the people who need Ozone Therapy the most. 


 Now imagine coming home from a hard day’s work too exhausted to exercise and getting into your very own Ozone therapy capsule to elevate the basal metabolic rate proven to burn fat and build muscle. 20 minutes is all it takes. This has the same effect on the body as a 60 minute cardio workout. 


Our vision 


We believe every household should have an ozone capsule. Imagine starting your day with an oxygen boost and ending it off with a metabolic boost to prevent the onset of colds or flu, keeping the body happy and healthy. 


Contact us to find out more information about having your own ozone capsule in your own home.


This exciting new concept is also available as a franchise opportunity. Contact us to find out more information about this opportunity and join the future space in health & wellness



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