Police officer arrested with stolen vehicle in Verulem

A SAPS member who stole a vehicle that was tracked to the Verulem area will appear in
court soon.
He will be charged with attempted murder, pointing of a firearm as well as possession of
property suspected to be stolen.
Members of a vehicle tracking company picked up a signal of a stolen vehicle in the Jacobs
area and tracked it to the Verulam area on Friday afternoon. They pulled the vehicle over and
confronted the driver. It is alleged that suspect pointed his firearm at the tracking company
employees who opened fire on him.
The suspect was shot twice in the shoulder. It was later discovered the suspect was an offduty
constable from the Inanda Tactical Response Team. The 41-year-old suspect was arrested by the SAPS and is currently under police guard in a
Durban hospital. His state firearm has also been seized as well as the Toyota Hilux LDV that
he was driving.

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