Introducing the Renovation Dream Team — (Videos and Podcasts!)

The wise money says there’s cash to be made in property if you buy in the right location.

The Ballito region is hot right now but prices are sky high… We want to show you how you can take a modestly priced older house and – with a bit of imagination and the right team – you can turn it into a gem worth much more than the amount outlaid.
Life & Style is proud to present a brand new innovative property feature called The Renovation Dream Team!

Watch how over the next three months an elderly Ballito house is given a makeover by a team of Ballito professionals to show how you can get similar results. Chapman Builders is managing the project and we will be introducing you the Dream Team over the next few weeks as the project unfolds.

Read, watch and listen as we cover the progress of The Renovation Dream Team on video on our website, on Radio Life & Style 88FM and in print in our fortnightly Life & Style newspaper… It could save you a fortune!

Check out the podcasts below and meet the team:

Dream Team group-pic

“The Renovation Dream Team” assembled outside the Radio Life & Style Studio.



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