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“Real estate is not only about selling, but also about renting property.”


Being a modern professional estate rental agent is completely different from those of days gone by. The Rental Industry’s bar has been raised and due to the strict educational standards of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), the industry has become an environment of professionals.

Of course there are still those who operate without the legally required Fidelity Fund certificate, and those who last saw the inside of a classroom years ago, however their days are numbered. These individuals will find it impossible to find work with any reputable agency in any case.

At Rentalsdotcom Dolphin Coast, we find that as it takes a fair amount of knowledge, passion, responsibility, hard work and skill to rent out a house. Those who can’t make it move on fairly quickly.

Specialized rental companies, like Rentalsdotcom Dolphin Coast, go all out to ensure that their letting agents are NQF4 and NQF5 qualified, educated and licensed to rent out your property.

Unfortunately a number of agencies still employ individuals who refuse to conform to the industry standards and who often have little or no idea of what is legally required from a rental agent. This is a sad state of affairs and landlords are in danger to pay dearly for using unlicensed agents.

The Rental agent represents the landlord in terms of a mandate and he/she should understand the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord in terms of the Rental Housing Act.

Rental agents must have financial management skills, good communication skills and knowledge of the relevant acts. All moneys received by the agent must be received through the agents Trust account. This Trust account must be registered with the EAAB and managed in terms of section 32 of the Estate Agency Affairs act no. 112 of 1976. All deposits must be invested in terms of the Rental Housing act no. 50 of 1999.

In order to communicate with both tenants and landlords the agent must understand the Consumer Protection Act no.68 of 1986.

What differentiates an Effective Rental agent, from a poor rental agent are:

  1. Proper training – as conducted by Rentalsdotcom SA on an ongoing basis
  2. Excellent credit-checking
  3. Good management systems
  4. A great dose of empathy, because the rental business is about People. Our motto at Rentalsdotcom Dolphin Coast is : “People First”

My advice to potential tenants and landlords:

  1. Always deal with qualified agents
  2. Always deal with registered agencies and agents.
  3. Make sure you enter into a valid Rental agreement
  4. Refrain from dealing in cash – rather work through your bank or other financial institution.
  5. Only deal with an agent that is a member of the Fidelity Fund and have a valid certificate to prove it.
  6. Be careful of verbal contracts– They are valid, but rather have everything in writing.

At Rentalsdotcom Dolphin Coast we strive to satisfy the Landlord and the Tenant at all times. To achieve this we need your co-operation and communication to assist us in providing you with the most professional service possible.

Property Rentals is our profession, but People our passion.

Call the professionals of Rentalsdotcom Dolphin Coast on 032 946 2331 to relieve you of your Rental headaches. We are here to help you.

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