Rolls Royce Reaches for the Stars

Rolls royce 2

Rolls-Royce has just announced its latest limited edition model range called the Wraith Luminary Collection – and it has the most dazzling interior you’ll ever see.

There’s certainly no doubting that the interior will be packed with drama.

On opening the coach doors you’ll be met by a flow of light that glimmers from the front into the rear passenger compartment. The panels – made from Tudor Oak sourced from forests in the Czech Republic – will, for the first time in Rolls-Royce’s history, be illuminated with no fewer than 176 LEDs that produce a stream of light to replicate a shooting star piercing through the cabin.

RollsRoyce 1

But unlike the headliners of before, the British marque has now replicated shooting stars, which blast across the ceiling of your vehicle as you drive along.

Taking nearly 20 hours to configure, eight shooting stars fire at random, predominantly over the front seats. The starlight headliner option is one of the most commonly selected extras that well-heeled customers have been opting for in recent years, with the Goodwood-based brand able to design a constellation of your choice.

That means you can choose a location, time and date that’s meaningful for you – such as the birth of a child or an engagement – and have the very same star arrangement that would have been seen at that very moment.

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