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cutaway-wheelWe hope that you will never need to test our Runflat Tyron wheel protection system but those who have, are our best ambassadors.

They lived to tell the tale because they remained in full control of their vehicle during catastrophic tyre failure.

Sadly the same cannot be said for many who could have survived if they had enjoyed the same protection.

Why then, are they not fitted as standard safety equipment to all vehicles? We maintain that they should be.

But you can’t see them when they are fitted so they don’t sell themselves. They don’t improve vehicle performance under normal circumstances and because, statistically, you will probably never need to test them, they are generally not considered a high priority sales feature.

When you analyse the risks and assess the benefits of the Runflat Tyron wheel protection system you will agree that this is almost criminally irresponsible.

Emergency services and security forces around the world fit them as routine because they wouldn’t dream of going into action without them. Thoroughly tested and proven in even the toughest situations over many years, this is the most cost effective run flat solution the motor industry has been presented with.

The Runflat Tyron wheel protection system allows you to keep driving on flat tyres with complete control of your vehicle until it’s safe to stop.

So, where is the value in this?

A flat tyre could leave you stranded and vulnerable, a blowout is potentially even more of a nightmare. The Runflat Tyron wheel protection system completely eliminates the risk associated with both scenarios.

Think about it.

Why wouldn’t you choose to protect yourself, and those who depend on you, from potential harm if it was possible to do so?

The good news is, it is entirely possible, and at a price that is easily affordable.

To find out more visit or call Vic Simon on 082 954 4080


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